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Jordan Beaudrie


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My Story

Jordan brings his skills and experience as a long time heavy equipment operator to the team here at Silkstone. If you watch him in a machine pushing dirt, slinging stones or stacking sticks, you’ll suddenly find yourself singing along to the chorus of “Smooth Operator”. I wonder if this applies to other areas of his life? Wink, wink, he is single ladies! 


Jordan, who was born in Ajax but now calls Belleville home, spends his off work hours being Daddy to his 6 year old daughter and riding snowmobiles and side by sides. His love for snowmobiles has turned into a dream of sledding across the snowcapped mountains of BC. Travis might just have some advice to help you from cartwheeling down a mountain and burying your sled in 10 feet of powder and it probably sounds something like this; “Hold it wide open, you’ll be fine!”


One piece of advice that has always stuck with Jordan is “take every chance you get in life, because somethings only happen once”. We’re glad you took the chance to join our team Jordan!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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