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Heather Halvorsen

Content Creator / Drone Operator

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My Story

If you stop by one of the Silkstone project sites, you’ll spot Heather capturing amazing aerial footage with our DJI Mavic Mini Drone. Our social content and website wouldn’t be the same without her footage and behind the scenes contributions to marketing, advertising and our upcoming YouTube channel. 


Heather, aka Squeak, was born in Timmins and now lives on a small farm just outside of

Kingston, with her 4 dogs, and many rabbits, chickens, ducks, guineas, pigs and sheep. 


While other little girls might have been playing with barbies Heather grew up riding horses and dirt bikes - passions that have stuck with her and offered her a way of getting that rush of adrenaline she thrives from.


As a child, her dream was to become a vet and open an accessible clinic for animal parents, that couldn’t otherwise afford care for their fur babies. While, this hasn’t come to fruition (yet?), her love for dogs has grown into the creation of her own business Raw Elite; a raw cat and dog food business, that produces the best nutrition for our furry friends directly from animals she raises and processes from her own farm. 


Let's hop on a site together and shoot content! 


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