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Stone Work




Whether you are dealing with difficult slopes, erosion from harsh winters and waves, fluctuating water levels, or simply want to create a beautiful, erosion free shoreline, a retaining wall might just be the answer you have been dreaming of.


Retaining Walls & Boulder Walls

If you live in a hilly terrain, a retaining wall is your best solution to reduce soil erosion, eliminate steep slopes, and turn previously unusable inclines into beautiful, functional and easier to maintain spaces. 

Stone Wall
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Patios & Pathways

An artful stone patio is a space for friends and family to gather, relax and connect; while a purposeful and well planned walkway guides them on a beautiful journey to arrive there. 


Driveways, Parking Lots & Roadways

Say goodbye to pot holes, drainage issues and uneven edges; and hello to the driveway you've always dreamed of. 

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