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Fred Hesketh

The Wise One

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My Story

Fred was born in Montreal Quebec, way back in 1948, when hairspray, cat litter, cable television and frisbees were all invented and he grew up in a time when it wasn’t yet frowned upon to ride a motorcycle without a helmet, or aimlessly drive through the night with a carload of your buddies and a 6 pack. 


As the saying goes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, and that definitely is the case with Fred and Travis. When Travis was little Fred took to duct taping Travis, harness style, to himself so when they were out on the motorcycle and Travis fell asleep, he wouldn’t fall off. 


You’ve probably heard the saying “with age, comes wisdom”, but in Fred’s case, it is more like with “age comes wise cracks”. You will know you’ve met Fred when he has made some sideways comment and you’ve been left scratching your head. 


Tinkering was named after Fred and if he could make a career out of having dozens of unfinished projects on the go at a time, he would be the richest tinkerer around.


In all seriousness, Fred, or Papa as Charlie, Frankie and Letty adoringly call him, has decades of experience working with his hands in the construction industry, so it is no wonder that we call him The Wise One. Lucky for us Fred will never retire and he thoroughly enjoys heading into work everyday with Travis and the team. 


They say I'm the brains of the operation, but my son is pretty cool too.


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