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The right tools for the job.

Whether your project is big or small, we've got the equipment to do it right, and on-time.


"Iron Hide"

 2022 Volvo VHD

Make: Volvo

Model: VHD

Use: Tough, versatile, smart, sleek and downright badass. Simply put "Iron Hide" is a thing of beauty. 

This Volvo VHD hauls loads with ease, provides the ultimate in comfort, control and safety for our driver, and responds to the toughest terrain like a mama to her newborn baby.

Some of our favourite features and the reasons we chose the Volvo VHD over the rest, are the revolutionary Dynamic Steering system, and the I-Shift automated manual transmission. 


Kubota Skid Steer

Make: Kubota

Model: SVL 97

Jump in Skiddy for a day and you will see firsthand what made us choose this Kubota Compact Track Loader.


With the widest cab in the market, exceptional vertical lift and reach, low effort hydraulics pilot controls, speed and reliability, this loader is equal parts comfortable, functional, as well as easy to operate and maintain.


Using a fork to butter your toast might get the job done, but using a butter knife will always be more efficient and tidy. With 8 attachments and the ability to switch between them quickly and easily, whether we are digging out driveways, sculpting a track or clearing brush, we always have the right tool for the job. 

BeaverLakeFinals (16 of 33).jpg
BeaverLakeFinals (17 of 33).jpg


Kubota Excavator

Make: Kubota

Model: KX057-4

MacGyver, along with the many attachments we have for it, gets the job done no matter the task at hand. Need to move a hot tub down a hill? Done. Cut down trees near hydro lines? No problem. Rescue other machines from a mud hole? Sign him up.

The versatility, strength and durability of the Kubota KX057-4, combined with the Rototilt attachment, continues to astonish us. For scooping, grading, digging, grabbing, moving and carrying, this machine does it all. 

"Diggin' Doo"


Make: Doosan

Model: DX 235LCR-5

During our search for a 24 ton excavator, we wanted to make sure this machine checked off all of our boxes: reduced tail swing, orange to compliment our Kubota fleet, fuel efficient, powerful and a local dealer in our area. 

With a five-ton lifting capacity and fine swing function, there's very little this big boy can't lift, swing and move, with less shaking. The enhanced undercarriage structure allows us to get in the toughest of terrains, with the least potential of damage to the machine and the four power modes allow us to choose the right setting for our environment to reduce fuel consumption. 

With our new Rotobec Grapple saw, the Diggin' Doo is now built for land clearing, but it also works well for demolition, excavation, road construction and stump removal.

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F350-Posts (2 of 4).jpg


Ford F-350 Tremor

Make: Ford

Model: F-350 SuperDuty

Trim: Lariat Sport Blackout package with Tremor

One thing you might notice about us is that we never do anything 'a little bit.' That's why we upgraded our F-350 to the 6.7L Power Stroke V8 turbo diesel engine, with 20 inch Rhino wheels, and fully blacked out Tremor package. 

With a spacious and comfy interior, and gooseneck in the bed, we can get our entire crew, tools and two machines onsite and ready to tackle the project. Considering the price of fuel these days, I am sure you can appreciate this as much as we do!


Ford F-150 Lightning 

Make: Ford

Model: F-150 Lightning

Trim: Lariat


While Flash might be turning heads at every stop light, its main duty is precious cargo carrier.


Becky and the "happiness heroes", aka Charlie, Frankie and Letty, enjoy the funny looks they get while packing groceries into the frunk, throwing bales of straw, chicken feed and mountain bikes into the box and cruising to the job sites to visit and work alongside Daddy.

There are so many cool features, that it is hard to choose our favourites... the huge dashboard screen, the storage space in the frunk, the lightning speed from a standstill, the roomy interior, our 45 minute at home charging port, being able to power our home from it when the electricity goes out and of course not having to stop for gas on our adventures.

FordLightning2023 (3 of 9).jpg
BenceMotors-600-V2 (15 of 1).jpg

"The 600"

The 600

Make: Ford

Model: F-600

Trim: XLT

The 600 not only boasts the comfort and luxury of a Ford XLT, but it is also outfitted with the back end of a dump truck, complete with flip down sides, rolltop canopy, a tool rack and custom built fuel storage tank. 

With a V8 diesel powered engine, 10 speed automatic transmission with selectable drive modes, hill start assist, integrated trailer brake controller, shock absorbers and Advancetrac with Roll Stability Control, our Ford F-600 has the power, and grit to get us and our tools to our project sites, even in the toughest of terrains. 

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