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Happiness Heros

Charlie, Fankie, & Letty!

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Our Story

Charlie, Frankie and Letty are Daddy’s biggest cheerleaders. They love visiting him on project sites, learning to run the equipment, proudly wearing the Silkstone logo and spending time all together as a family. 


As the oldest of three girls, Charlie definitely thinks she is in charge of this crew, earning her the title of “bossy”. She also goes by Purple, Hurricane, Monkey, Chuck and CharChar, none of which she likes. Charlie does enjoy riding her peddle and dirt bike, drawing, jumping on the trampoline, cooking, riding horses, reading, swimming, climbing, exploring and crafting. 


Frankie, aka Frank, has an unwavering love for lego, animals, cooking, swimming, exploring the woods and riding horses, dirt bikes, peddle bikes, four wheelers and snowmobiles.  As both an older and younger sister, Frankie is equal parts captain and crew member, a position that isn’t always easy, but she manages with agility, a fun sense of humour and once in awhile a closed fist. 


Letty is a complex little human who loves animals with all her heart, and sometimes all of her muscles. In addition to many of the same passions as her big sisters, she also enjoys singing, aerial yoga, baking and making healing potions. Her role as little sister and baby of the family has been solidified with her absolute refusal to help with chores of any sort. 


All of the girls are passionate animal lovers and are dreaming of adding horses, ducks, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and ponies to the farm, all of which they ask for on a daily basis. In a little over a year they went from having no animals to 2 dogs, 2 cats, 5 rabbits, 2 turkeys, 1 rooster and 20 hens, so I guess their persistence is paying off! 


My dad's awesome!!


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